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Have you ever wondered what our natives’ great, great grandparents’ health diet were back then? Guess they didn’t need it. Aboriginal people, like the Métis and Inuit were healthier most likely because they ate food that came from the land and water that they gathered themselves by farming, fishing and hunting. No preservatives and no fast foods back then.

Inuit people munch through a diet of foods that are hunted, fished, and gathered in the neighborhood. This includes:

  • Walrus
  • Bearded Seal
  • Ringed Seal
  • Beluga whale
  • Polar bear
  • Caribou,
  • Muskoxen,
  • Birds(including eggs)
  • Fish.

While it isn’t possible to grow native plants for food in the Arctic, the Inuit had collected those that are naturally available depending on location and season.

  • Berries
  • Grasses
  • Roots
  • Tubers
  • Stems
  • Fireweed and seaweed (edible seaweed or kuanniq)

According to E. Searles in "Food and the Making of Modern Inuit Identities" Inuit devour mostly meat because this diet is" effective in keeping the body warm, keeping the body fit, making the body strong, and even making the body healthy".

The Métis were hunters. Most of their ancient lifestyle depended on the buffalo hunt. However, when the Métis were not on a buffalo hunt, they’re hunting other animals to eat. They hunted:

  • Pronghorn antelope
  • Moose
  • Elk
  • Mule deer
  • Prairie bush rabbit
  • Wild birds -sage grouse, prairie chicken, duck, geese

If fishing was available in the area it was also a great source of food for the Métis. They fished for whatever was available, and mainly caught:

  • Salmon
  • Pickerel
  • Trout

They also gathered edible plants and wild berries. Berries were eaten either alone or added to their popular delicacy ‘Pemmican’. It was stored in animal skins to prevent it from spoiling.

Métis culture also has distinctive clothing like the arrow sash or ceinture flêchée, and a rich selection of ancient country music like jigs, square dances, and fiddle music as well as the traditional methods of buffalo hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering. However, there’s much mixture beyond these nowadays: not all Métis hunted, wore sash, or spoke an Aboriginal language, but they probably can relate to country music’s unending hoe-down. Country singers like Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, and Justin Moore. (Justin Moore 2015 Tour) continue to reign until now.

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Running a restaurant is surely tough. From thinking of your concept, menu planning, hiring your staff to keeping daily operations in order could seem overwhelming. You would need the right attitude, technique, and the best food to make it big. If you are lost on to your restaurant like a pro, do not fret because we’re here to help you.

HK_Central_MTR_Station_shop_板長壽司_ITACHO_restaurant_name_sign_Jan-2012One of the best tips in the book that is highly relevant now is the use of social media to promote your restaurant. Its use has been quite massive and most people now are using Facebook or Twitter to connect to one another. Customers can easily post something about your restaurant and it would have people buzzing.

You may also post promotions to your pages to entice your followers. Offer discounts, freebies or announcements like if there’s a movie shooting nearby. You may also tell them if you are near the vicinity of some shows, for example “Hey! We just found out about the Blake Shelton Concert Schedule 2015 and our city is included. Drop by during the day of event and get 10% discount on all menu items.” That’s already an exclusive content not available elsewhere and would definitely market your restaurant well.

In order to stay competitive in the business, you have to know your competition well, too. Analyze their weakness and use that as an opportunity for yourself. While you’re at it, it’s best to analyze your own deficiencies and address them immediately before your competition does. Also, knowing your demographics and market well can help you tailor your services or menu that could fit them well.

Another great tip is to use “Restaurant Lingo that sells”. Your menu plays a vital role in your business that it could make you or break you. The customers could have an idea of what concept you’re selling just by looking at the menu.

It’s highly recommended to use menu names that start with the preparation method such as baked sea bass or pan-seared lamb. Also, for more gimmicks, add why the dish is special and unique on its own.

More than the appealing items and great business sense, it’s imperative to incorporate a winning attitude in running a successful restaurant. It would require the proper personality traits like tolerance, persistence, and a dose of positive energy in order to succeed.

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experienceFinding a good restaurant to dine in sometimes becomes a great topic of debate among families and friends. This must not be the case because dining out is supposed to be an opportunity for people to get together and spend quality time with each other. Nonetheless arguing over the choice of a watering hole can be avoided if you try to narrow down your choices according to specific criteria.

Varied choices

The first thing that people consider in selecting a restaurant is the food. Naturally, serving food is the main purpose for which restaurants are put up. Hence, when deciding which restaurant to go to, get the general consensus of the group by knowing the types of dishes each individual prefers. You may agree to eat in a Japanese restaurant or go for an Italian joint that is newly established in the city, and the like. One important thing to remember however, is that the place must be cozy and with good music to go along with the delectable food.

Music and food

Food feeds the body while music nourishes the soul. Sitting down and enjoying food in a nice nook while listening to beautiful music is indeed an ultimate dining experience for anyone. It will be an unforgettable moment that you and your friends or family will keep remembering through time.

Travel and food

Those who have the chance to tour around and visit different places are lucky to be exposed to different dining experiences. Some people have the knack of balancing their budget in a way that they do not spend too much on travel expenses so that they have more money to spend on food and shopping. Group travel is ideal for family trips. Aside from this, they can also plan their tour schedules to avail of cheaper airfare. With their substantial savings, they can even purchase Daniel Tosh Cincinnati tickets if they happen to be in the area. With constant travels, one’s knowledge about foods and in different places is enhanced, with some entertainment on the side.

Food and culture

Different cultures cater to their own food preference. Asian, European and Mediterranean dishes reveal a lot about their places of origin. Dining is not just a gustatory experience; it is also a cultural encounter in itself.

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concert1When preparing for a concert, you need to have a lot of snacks with you. This is true especially for concerts that could go on for some time. You can’t afford to stay hungry throughout the concert or else you won’t enjoy it. Even if the performer is Imagine Dragons, a popular rock band, you will still not have the energy to jam with them. Therefore, you need to take note of these tips so you will have an idea on what snacks to bring and what to avoid.

  1. Bring ready-to-eat snacks. This means you don’t have to open the snack and you are good to go. Crackers, biscuits, chips, sandwiches and chocolate bars are ideal. Avoid snacks that would require hot water or the use of sauce. You don’t want to enjoy the show but have a hard time fixing what you are about to eat.
  2. Don’t bring a beverage with no cover. You might be so taken away by the performance that you end up jumping or dancing. If your beverage has no cover, you might get wet. Worse, your gadgets might be destroyed. If you can’t find the cover, finish the drink first or just throw it away.
  3. If you wish to eat healthy snacks, you can bring sandwiches, granola bars, or cereal bars. After all, no one will think you are weird for eating this kind of food since the venue is dark. Just make sure the sandwich is well-wrapped and does not have too much sauce or else you will look so messy.
  4. Don’t eat snacks that may induce stomachache, vomiting, or allergy. Obviously, you know what foods you are allergic to or may have troubles with when eating. Some of these are nuts, chocolates, and ice cream. If you know you will have a hard time digesting them, don’t dare eat them. You don’t want to spend the entire concert on the toilet.

If you have already prepared your snacks, you are all set for the concert. If you wish to follow Imagine Dragons, check out the Imagine Dragons Tickets 2014.

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mens healthMany of us are still looking for the fountain of youth, or at least something that will be closest to it. People have always been conscious of their appearance and would like to keep their youthful looks for a bit longer. It is with this obsession to looking youthful that people have gone through all sorts of extents just to do so. From slathering on some weird sounding age cream with equally weird sounding ingredients to going to the extent of shelling out a whole lot of cash just to have some cosmetic surgery done, people will definitely go through great lengths just to look younger than they really are. However, you do not need to go through great lengths just to keep your youthful looks. Most of the time, simply eating the right types of food will go a long way into helping you feel and look young.

There is a saying, “You are what you eat”. This can be made truthful in so many ways. People who are constantly heading out to fast food chains to chow down on gastronomic and artery clogging burgers, fries and milkshakes will not only feel lethargic after the meal, their skin will start to look blotchy and greasy. The skin is obviously part of the rest of a person’s body, and what you eat will definitely affect its appearance as well as its overall health.

Get Loads of Vitamins into Your System

A lot of people have this misconception that youthful looking appearance means that a person’s skin should be elastic and tight. While this can be found in youthful looking skin, it would take so much more to looking young and radiant. To ensure that you look healthy and youthful, your skin should also be the same. And one efficient way to ensure that your skin has a youthful and radiant healthy glow is to have a good eating habit, which will definitely do the trick. Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as plums, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries is ideal. Antioxidants are essential to fight various free radicals found in the environment. These free radicals cause the skin to look dry and dull and can even cause premature skin aging. With antioxidants abundant in your system, you are able to fight these free radicals such as the ones we are exposed to when under the scorching heat of the sun. Berries are considered as super foods since not only are they rich in antioxidants, they are packed with healthy vitamins that will keep your skin healthy as well.

Have Some Healthy Oils

A lot of people refrain from eating dishes which are rich in fat for fear that they would gain unwanted weight and would clog their arteries. However, ingesting fats is also good for the body, if you know the right ones to eat. Fats from food such as nuts, canola oil, salmon and flaxseed oil will be ideal to use to complete a healthy diet. These types of foods are rich in fatty acids which would be beneficial in one’s goal to achieving youthful and healthy looking skin. Essential fatty acids aid in keeping cell membranes healthy. These cell membranes are considered as the protectors of the body against harmful elements as well as the aid in allowing various nutrients to get in and out of the body and further aid in the removal of waste products.

Healthy oils also contain much more than essential fatty acids. Aside from being beneficial to the insides of the body, healthy oils help in keeping the skin hydrated and lubricated, thus giving the appearance of a healthy and radiant glow. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to pack in all the healthy oils you can get your hands on. Fatty foods, even the healthy kind, can pack in the calories, so it is important to make sure that you only get not more than two tablespoons of healthy fat a day.

Get Your Daily Dose of Fiber

As many people know by now, eating the right types of food will help one attain not only youthful looking skin but a healthy and youthful body. Having a healthy body inside and out will enable us to not only accomplish all sorts of tasks and activities but it will allow us to live longer without any or minimal health concerns. And one essential way to keep the body clean and healthy is to flush all the toxins out by eating lots of fibrous foods.

Eating foods rich in fiber is definitely crucial to keeping the body healthy and youthful inside and out. For one thing, fiber is a great cleansing tool for the body. Like earlier mentioned, it is used to flush out the various accumulated toxins inside the body. Toxins make a person feel lethargic and can even cause various skin problems such as pimples and acne. By flushing all the toxins out, your body feels ultra clean and healthy, thus achieving a youthful and equally healthy appearance.

Energy Inducing Foods

Have you ever felt so lethargic and sleepy after a heavy and high caloric steak and mashed potato meal? A meal rich in fat and protein without any source of energy will definitely make a person feel sluggish and weak after ingesting it. Therefore it is very important to eat food that can help naturally boost the energy. Food such as granola bars and cereals are good in giving a person an early boost to be able to kick start the day right. However, simply eating an energy induced meal once in a day will not be efficient. It is important to eat least 5 smaller meals a day to keep the energy flowing in your body. In addition to this, when it comes to snacking, make sure that you snack on healthy and organic food such as fruits and nuts in smaller portions.

Never skip meals, most particularly breakfast and always be conscious of what types of food you eat. Unhealthy treats such as candies, cakes and even fried goods should be treated as such and should only be eaten sporadically. At the end of the day, having a well balanced diet is key to achieving your very own fountain of youth.

iStock22-restaurantBeing a restaurateur is never easy. Just because you are good in cooking does not mean you can successfully run the business. In fact, you can only succeed if you are good in management too. There are a lot of details that you have to give your attention to including employee management, supplies management, facilities improvement, interior decoration, and a lot more. It can even be stressful at times. Thus, you need to be very organized to be effective in running the business.

Find the right people

It helps a lot if you can get help in running the business. However, it does not mean you can just sit and do nothing. It still pays a lot to be a hands-on restaurant owner. You only need some people to help you get the job done faster. However, you also have to oversee all of them. Make sure that they are doing the job right. To top it all, you need to appear friendly and encouraging. You might be much pressured at times and you will start to appear bossy. Therefore, you need to control your anger as well.

Always bring a note

Well, a smartphone also works if you are more comfortable with it. The point is that when you run a business, you don’t want to miss out on anything. Thus, you need a checklist for you to be reminded of what else needs to be done. You should also have a database for everything. If you are using your smartphone, find an app that will ring the alarm once something needs to be done, changed or modified. When you are clouded with so many things to do, it helps that you have something to remind you.

Bring a bag that contains everything

When you are so busy, you might end up being so messy. Thus, you tend to lose a lot of important things. Thus, it is advised that you bring just one bag that can accommodate everything you need for the day. From your laptop to other electronic devices, the bag must secure them all. If you need to bring extra clothes or even some sports equipment, the bag must be able to contain them all. In this case, you need to use Tactical backpacks. They are quite big, but not too much. The bags have compartments that will hold items of different sizes in place. They are easy to use and are perfect for all occasions. You will still look formal and elegant despite using this bag. Finding things inside the bag when needed is also an easy task.

Stay confident

In the end, all you need is confidence. You might go through a lot of problems along the way. However, you need to stay strong and think positive. You have invested a lot for the restaurant. Thus, it should end up with a huge success. Rest assured, if you put your heart into it, you will achieve the goals in the end. Of course, don’t forget to always provide quality services and good food.

farming-with-sheep-dogs (1)When visiting a farm, the first ones that would greet you are not the owners but the dogs. Dogs are useful in farming, some are surprised by this but these pets have been a farm help for centuries. They have different purposes, some of them are for companionship because farms can get lonely at times, there are those that serve as guard dogs, and some assist especially in moving livestock. The working dogs are also sub categorized into two: the herding and the livestock guardian dogs.

The herding dogs’ main responsibility is to help move the livestock. We see this in movies; dogs help their owners move the sheep from the pasture to their barns. The livestock guardian dogs mainly protect these livestock animals from their predators that stalk the area. But these dogs were not really born this way, they are products of selective breeding and intense training from day one. They have to be fed food with the best dog food ingredients that fit their work description; they have a completely different diet than those of the house pets.

Herding Dogs

Not all herding dogs are the same and you must select the best herding dog for the type of livestock you have. Border collie and Australian shepherd are the famous breeds for gathering sheep while Welsh corgi, Queensland blue heeler, and bouviers of Flanders are trained in cattle herding. The dogs are usually positioned at the opposite side of the owner so that they could direct livestock traffic on the other side and get the livestock in position if they stray.

Guarding Dogs

Farmers have found that using dogs instead of traps and poisons are a cheaper way to protect their livestock as well as environment-friendly. The guard dogs are trained to bark when a predator approaches the vicinity to alert the owner. They minimize labour because the owner or workers do not have to patrol nightly and they promote efficiency.

Browse this site for more details on dog breeds, how to take care of them, and other dog related issues. Whether you want a pet or working dog for your farm, always be ready for their needs and the commitment you will face.

If you are running a restaurant business and you have enough space outdoors that can be used as additional dining area, you have to be prepared to meet the challenges that come with it. If you are asking if it is worth having, the answer is yes, if you carefully plan things. It is always nice to eat outdoors, and your customers would love that to. The outdoors offer a relaxing feel, so make sure your outdoors is pleasing enough to be loved by everyone.

Your outdoor patio could be far from your kitchen, so make sure to do something about this challenge. You need to have enough servers and runners to attend to your guests. You can also consider building a halfway space between the kitchen and dining area where some supplies can be stocked such as silverware, napkins, pitchers and more.

If your restaurant offers a good spot for romantic dinners, why not take reservations? If the weather is unpredictable, you can tell customers that you cannot guarantee seating outdoors but you will definitely reserve a comfy table for them indoors in case the inevitable happens. Aside from having patio sidewalk, you can also consider back patios where you can have insect repelling plants that are both attractive and helpful. You can request pest management professionals to control insects if you are worried about them. Make sure to have an outdoor dining area that just has the right number of tables to keep it from being crowded and remain pleasant to look at.

You can have this space a seasonal dining area so you would not have a hard time handling bad weather conditions and other challenges. Just be sure to test run by feeling as if you are a customer and sitting on your dining chair before going public. It pays to have a landscaped area that could be very relaxing to guests. Have your lawn trimmed regularly. Invest on high quality lawn mowers, which you can use for a longer time. Check out Kubota zero turn mowers prices to see the best one that suits your needs. The key is to make the place attractive and comforting to visitors.

1567754_fd9ae00fSelecting the best furniture to complement the style of your home is already challenging, how much more when it comes to checking out unfinished furniture online for your own restaurant. Whether you are into your restaurant business for a while now or has just been starting up, there are so many things that you have to consider when it comes to finding the best furniture that would perfect your restaurant theme and match the cuisine you are serving.

Owing to this, we have listed great tips on finding the furniture which can complete your restaurant look.

  • Choose a theme and stick with that. Many restaurant owners get too overwhelmed with what type of furniture they will install in their restaurant. And because of this, they end up collecting a couple of mismatched furniture that does not complement the aesthetic of their restaurant. Before you commit the same mistake, remember to decide on an interior design theme and then choose furniture that would complement such theme. It might be based on color, patterns, materials or textures. Whatever it is, you will never go wrong as long as you stick with your chosen theme.
  • Never neglect quality. Even though your budget for your restaurant furniture is just minimal, never make this stop you from choosing high quality unfinished furniture online. Yes, cheaper furniture can be tempting but remember that what can really save you more from your capital are the furniture that are built to last.
  • Select your furniture based on your target customers. The key to perfecting the interior design of your restaurant is by knowing what the needs of your customers are. Will your target customers need luxury furniture or would they rather choose the more comfortable ones?

Know what mood you want to set for your restaurant.  Choosing the perfect furniture for your restaurant will also depend on the mood you are trying to set. If you want to create a more intimate feel, then you would better choose round tables. If you are up to creating a formal mood, then long narrow tables with wooden chairs would be the most perfect choice.

Taylor_SwiftEverybody has a favorite singer and entertainer at one time or another. It must be a stage that comes to pass at one point in a person’s life. To be star-struck while watching your idol sing on television or live in person during concerts is the most sublime moment for an avid fan. It will even be more wonderful if you get the chance to become friends with your favorite singer or band.

Growth of a friendship

The story of a fan becoming a friend to his favorite performer is not alien. It has happened in many instances in which a singer and his follower forge a special friendship. But how can one, among the thousands of fans, be picked out to be the friend of a celebrity, one may wonder. Well, life is full of surprises and awesome things do happen to people in real life.

Special connection

There are various ways that pave the way in developing a special connection between a musician and a fan. Musicians usually perform live before a live audience. In the process they establish immediate and direct interaction with their audience. There is eye contact and physical encounter especially after the show when people can go backstage to have their autographs signed. Some followers take a bolder step by waiting for the artist on his way out. If he is lucky enough, he can strike a short conversation with his idol and perhaps take a photo together. It is not remote that friendship can start from these meetings. A special connection may begin and very possibly grow into a real friendship.

Free tickets

One of the perks that one gets when he becomes friends with his favorite musician is the advantage of getting free concert tickets. Florida Georgia, a well-loved pair of performers, never fails to send cheap Florida Georgia line tickets to their special and loyal followers. It is their way of showing gratitude to special followers who have stood by them throughout their career in the industry. More performers out there maintain special relationship with a number of their fans, which is also a way of maintaining their fan base. To be entertained by your favorite performer and being given special treatment is absolutely rewarding.